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Organizations are currently facing the challenges of protecting themselves from ever-increasing information security risks and ever-challenging compliance requirements. The interconnected corporate network of partners, clients, remote offices, wireless LAN, vendors, and the Internet, has created different avenues for an attacker to target companies. As a result, organizations face greater risks to customer data, intellectual property, and financial records. Therefore, CIO's and CFOs must have a clear understanding of risks and vulnerabilities to protect their organizations from external attacks.
E-commerce websites, B2B portals, and other web applications exposed to the Internet, are primary targets for attackers. SecurView’s Penetration Testing service will help you determine the exposure level of these Internet-exposed web applications and perimeter network to external attacks. Our Penetration Testing team will validate the security controls and identify existing and potential vulnerabilities that, when exploited, can have a significant impact on your business.
We have developed SecurView PT methodology, which is derived from best practices such as OSSTMM, OWASP, NSA security guidelines, and our PT analysts’ years of experience. This methodology ensures that we cover every aspect of the testing, without compromising the outside-of-the- box thinking of the analyst that is required for such activities. Our analysts utilize automated tools (free, commercial, and propriety) and manual testing (when required) to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.
The SecurView team works with clients to develop reports that provide clear and concise findings, and a prioritized matrix of actions and recommended workflow. SecurView reports include:
  • Executive summaries (jargon-free, true executive-level summaries)
  • Priority matrixes, indicating remediation priorities and risks
  • Detailed impact analysis of the identified vulnerabilities
  • Findings and recommendations to improve security postures
  • Knowledge transfer to client’s IT teams
Value Proposition
The SecurView's Penetration Testing service will help clients identify existing and potential vulnerabilities and risks from external attacks. The service also provides clients with key recommendations to fortify their environments, and improve compliance with industry and government regulations
SecurView Penetration Testing Benefits:
  • Experienced security analysts with the specialized skills and tools needed to mitigate client risk.
  • Testing conducted in a safe and controlled environment without compromising
  • routine business activities.
  • Reduced investment in employing full time security analyst, tools and technology.
  • Part of an overall risk management solution that addresses the audit requirements of policy & compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOX, HIPPA, PCI, etc.
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