July 10, 2016 — SecurView, Inc. launches ThreatSecure Networks® as a Service (TSaaS), a new service offering with ThreatTrack’s latest platform.  The service offering includes 24×7 support from expert security professionals, 24×7 access to online portal for ThreatSecure Network’s console, and configuration alternations in responses to any threats found through the ThreatSecure Networks® platform.


To read ThreatTrack’s press release about TSaaS, please visit: https://www.threattrack.com/threattrack-launches-threatsecure-network-advanced-threat-defense-platform-as-a-managed-protection-service.aspx.


For the latest information about SecurView’s ThreatSecure Networks® as a Service (TSaaS), please visit: https://www.securview.com/services/managed/tsaas/.

For the latest information about ThreatTrack’s ThreatSecure Networks®, please visit: https://www.threattrack.com/network-security-threats.aspx.


About SecurView, Inc.

SecurView was founded in 2007 to deliver cyber security solutions.  The company’s security services specialize in datacenter/cloud security, malware analysis/protection, BYOD/ISE, and content security.  SecurView also assesses client-specific security requirements and provides comprehensive plans to deliver solutions.  For more information about SecurView, visit https://www.securview.com/ or email sales@securview.com.