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Securing Your Digital Cloud Transition & Operations

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Securing Your Digital Cloud Transition & Operations

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Digital transformation and innovation have driven organizations to adopt the cloud – public cloud services as well as private cloud technologies. Enterprises are deploying a combination of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) at a rapid pace. Organizations are just beginning to understand the enormity of the challenge associated with securing the cloud. Organizations procured multiple security tools for specific security use-cases and are now realizing the fragmented nature of their security architecture. As they migrate applications to the cloud, organizations are challenged with disconnect between legacy security infrastructure and multitude of cloud security tools. Portability of security infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment is yet another challenge faced by today’s enterprises.

Securing business-critical workloads in today’s rapidly evolving technology and regulatory environment requires proven security expertise and expert guidance. SecurView can help safeguard your workloads in the cloud through implementation of a cloud security framework for infrastructure, application and data protection that is consistent across locations and clouds. SecurView offers 24×7 monitoring and operations services and enable you to focus on your business.

Our Approach

Our Approach

SecurView & AWS Security

Secure Setup & Deployment

secure setup dep
  • Access Controls

Secure Architecture

secure architecture
  • AWS Networking
  • Firewall – Infra, App
  • Well Architected Frameworks

Secure Monitoring

secure monitoring
  • People – Deep expertise in Automation and Scripting
  • Process – Well Developed DevOps processes
  • Tools – Ansible/Chef, Jenkins, Liquibase, Cucumber, Vagrant/Docker

Cloud Migration Framework

1) Analyze

  • Discover & Validate
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Feasibility/ Application Assessment
  • Select Apps
  • POC if needed

2) Design

  • Move Bundles & Migration
  • Move Bundles & Migration Method
  • Target Cloud Architecture
  • Security Design & Architecture
  • Business Performance & Compliance

3) Plan

  • Detailed Migration & Test/Back-out Plan
  • License & Support Validation
  • Service Assurance Readiness Plan
  • AWS Setup & Deployment Plan

4) Deploy

  • Networking
  • Core Infra – AD, DNS, SSO/ Federation
  • AWS Account + Environment setup
  • Migration Tools Setup
  • Performance Benchmarking

5) Migrate

  • Migration Monitoring & Control
  • Data Migration
  • Phased Application Migration
  • Testing & Acceptance (Functionality & Performance)

6) Operate

  • Service Assurance Validation
  • Security Validation
  • Application Enhancement
  • Management Automation


Our Approach

our approach
  • People – Deep expertise in Automation and Scripting
  • Process – Well Developed DevOps processes
  • Tools – Ansible/Chef, Jenkins, Liquibase, Cucumber, Vagrant/Docker

Our Expertise

our expertise
  • Runbook Automation/Scripting: Ruby, Python, Bash
  • Central Logging: Splunk, Loggly, ELK
  • Build Automatic: Maven, Groovy, Gradle
  • Monitoring and Alerting: NewRelic, Datadog, Cloudwatch, Cloudhealth, Pagerduty, Linux, Tomcat/nginx sysadmin and automated patching

Our Service

our service
  • Provisioning of Environment
  • Configuration – Production Environment
  • Operations Readiness Testing
  • Deployment (code) to Production
  • Post Readiness Automation

SecurView & AWS IoT

Secure Deployments

secure deployements
  • Sensor, Gateway, AWS Cloud Activation, Lambda
  • OT/IT Protocols

Collect, Process & Analyze

collect process anal
  • Edge, AWS IoT with ML

Insights, Monitor & Act

insights monitor act
  • Dashboard
  • Compliance
  • Analytics, Reports

Cloud Ops & Monitoring