Securing Your Digital Cloud Transition & Operations

Our Approach

Digital transformation and innovation have driven organizations to adopt the cloud – public cloud services as well as private cloud technologies. Enterprises are deploying a combination of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) at a rapid pace. Organizations are just beginning to understand the enormity of the challenge associated with securing the cloud. Organizations procured multiple security tools for specific security use-cases and are now realizing the fragmented nature of their security architecture. As they migrate applications to the cloud, organizations are challenged with the disconnect between legacy security infrastructure and a multitude of cloud security tools. Portability of security infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment is yet another challenge faced by today’s enterprises.

Securing business-critical workloads in today’s rapidly evolving technology and regulatory environment requires proven security expertise and expert guidance. SecurView can help safeguard your workloads in the cloud through the implementation of a cloud security framework for infrastructure, application and data protection that is consistent across locations and clouds. SecurView offers 24×7 monitoring and operations services and which allows you to focus on your business.

SecurView & AWS Security

Secure Setup & Deployment

secure setup dep
  • Access Controls

Secure Architecture

secure architecture
  • AWS Networking
  • Firewall – Infra, App
  • Well Architected Frameworks

Secure Monitoring

secure monitoring
  • People – Deep expertise in Automation and Scripting
  • Process – Well Developed DevOps processes
  • Tools – Ansible/Chef, Jenkins, Liquibase, Cucumber, Vagrant/Docker

Cloud Migration Framework

1) Analyze

  • Discover & Validate
  • Dependency Mapping
  • Feasibility/ Application Assessment
  • Select Apps
  • POC if needed

2) Design

  • Move Bundles & Migration
  • Move Bundles & Migration Method
  • Target Cloud Architecture
  • Security Design & Architecture
  • Business Performance & Compliance

3) Plan

  • Detailed Migration & Test/Back-out Plan
  • License & Support Validation
  • Service Assurance Readiness Plan
  • AWS Setup & Deployment Plan

4) Deploy

  • Networking
  • Core Infra – AD, DNS, SSO/ Federation
  • AWS Account + Environment setup
  • Migration Tools Setup
  • Performance Benchmarking

5) Migrate

  • Migration Monitoring & Control
  • Data Migration
  • Phased Application Migration
  • Testing & Acceptance (Functionality & Performance)

6) Operate

  • Service Assurance Validation
  • Security Validation
  • Application Enhancement
  • Management Automation


Our Approach

our approach
  • People – Deep expertise in Automation and Scripting
  • Process – Well Developed DevOps processes
  • Tools – Ansible/Chef, Jenkins, Liquibase, Cucumber, Vagrant/Docker

Our Expertise

our expertise
  • Runbook Automation/Scripting: Ruby, Python, Bash
  • Central Logging: Splunk, Loggly, ELK
  • Build Automatic: Maven, Groovy, Gradle
  • Monitoring and Alerting: NewRelic, Datadog, Cloudwatch, Cloudhealth, Pagerduty, Linux, Tomcat/nginx sysadmin and automated patching

Our Service

our service
  • Provisioning of Environment
  • Configuration – Production Environment
  • Operations Readiness Testing
  • Deployment (code) to Production
  • Post Readiness Automation

SecurView & AWS IoT

Secure Deployments

secure deployements
  • Sensor, Gateway, AWS Cloud Activation, Lambda
  • OT/IT Protocols

Collect, Process & Analyze

collect process anal
  • Edge, AWS IoT with ML

Insights, Monitor & Act

insights monitor act
  • Dashboard
  • Compliance
  • Analytics, Reports

Cloud Ops & Monitoring