Why Your Organization can use a Cloud Security Assessment

SecurView has partnered with Avid Secure to deliver Cloud Security solutions through an automation platform to help monitor and determine whether your Cloud framework is protected and compliant-ready.

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Security is Critical for Your Organization

As the scope and operations of the media and entertainment industry grow, securing business-critical workloads in this rapidly evolving technology and regulatory environment requires proven security expertise and guidance.

Common Issues and Concerns!

Two major issues organizations face with their networks are security teams are lacking basic visibility across different cloud environments and compliance is invalid the moment an audit completes.

Your CISO may be wondering:

• How many cloud instances is your organization running and are security measures (ex. firewalls) configured consistently?

• Is your cloud environment compliant with FFIEC, GDPR, ISO 27001, CIS, PCI, SOC 2, HIPAA, HITRUST, and other policy definitions?

Our solutions help safeguard your data or digital media assets on cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure with 24×7 monitoring and operations services


Organizations are considered more evolved if they are automating security policy configurations since it is beneficial internally between their DevOps teams, and for the organization across the board.

Once this is practice is in place and integrated fully into operations any immediate problems are identified more quickly and dealt with allowing for optimal auditing and compliance.

Avid Secure’s API-driven architecture enables DevOps teams to seamlessly integrate security with their DevOps processes.


• Drift Detection and API-Based Integrations with DevOps Tools

• Pre-Built and Customizable Hygiene Policies

• Preventative Guardrails

• Agentless Host Governance

• One-Click Remediation

• Anomaly Detection

Intelligent Security Monitoring

SecurView powered by Avid Secure continuously monitors and learns about your cloud workload inventory, configurations, and network traffic with advanced, patent-pending AI algorithms to respond and remediate security risks.


• Anomaly Detection and Behavior Analytics
• Dynamic Network Topology Visualization
• Smart Alerts and Alerts Whitelisting
• Google Like Search
• Workflow and Incident Response Automation
• RealTime Inventory and Asset Management

Through an automation platform SecurView powered by Avid Secure manages:

Governance, Risk & Compliance


  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Custom Compliance
  • Compliance Collaboration
  • Out of The Box Policies
  • FFIEC, GDPR, ISO 27001, CIS, PCI, SOC 2,
  • Compliance Trending and Zero Touch Reports
  • Drift Detection

Cloud Security & Compliance is a shared responsibility

There’s a common misconception that cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft are responsible for providing security for their tenants, but that isn’t true—you and your cloud providers share that responsibility: