(IDA) ISE Deployment Assistant FAQ

General Questions

1 | Is ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) a Cisco product?


IDA is a tool designed by the
talented engineers at SecurView


SecurView is a Cisco
Portfolio company

IDA was jointly funded and OEM’ed by Cisco

2 | Does Cisco support IDA?

• IDA is a proprietary product by SecurView and is not supported by service contracts with Cisco.
• For further questions or inquiry, contact IDAsupport@SecurView.com

3 | Does the IDA version coincide with ISE version?

No—the IDA version number is not meant to coincide with the ISE version (e.g., Using IDA version 2.3
does not limit compatibility to only with ISE 2.3).

4 | Why are there different versions of IDA?

SecurView’ s IDA team is always listening to customer feedback and internal reviews to improve
the capabilities and features of the product.


Each new version is a response to this feedback as the best iteration of IDA possible.

Users are encouraged to download the latest version of IDA to take advantage of new features

5 | Do I have to pay for each new version?

No. The user with an active IDA license automatically has access to the new version of IDA at no additional cost.


6 | Does SecurView send out notification when the new version is available?

Yes, SecurView has a mailing list created specifically for IDA customers. The mailing list receives updates
on new features and/or upcoming changes. Please send a request to sales@SecurView.com to subscribe.


7 | What is the minimum hardware requirements to run IDA?

IDA may be installed on laptops or desktops running Windows 7, 8, or 10 that meet the
following minimum specifications:
• Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
• Processor: Intel Core i3 and higher
• Memory: 4 GB
• Hard disk: 1 GB free space
Note: The above requirements are suitable for smaller environments (<10 devices). For larger
deployments, more resources may be required depending on the total number of Network
Access Devices and interfaces needed to be configured.
By default, IDA installs as a standalone application on a Windows PC environment.
For installations on Windows Server environments, please contact technical support at
IDAsupport@SecurView.com to receive further guidance.

8 | What is the pre-requisite software requirements?

OS: Windows 7 64 bit or higher

Software: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64)

9 | When asked the number of endpoints, what are you looking for?

Implementation of IDA requires the number of “Wired” endpoints for a subscription license.

10 | Which browser does IDA work on?


Mozilla Firefox
version 28 or higher



Mozilla Firefox ESR version 31..2


Google Chrome
version 39.0


Microsoft Internet Explorer version
9, 10, 11, or edge

11 | Is there a trial version? What types of features does it provide and for how long?

A free 10-day trial version that can be downloaded at


• The trial version includes all of the features of the full product to best demonstrate IDA’s capabilities.
• The readiness assessment features of IDA are free even after the trial period ends.
• Premium features are available at a cost. Two of the premium features are Configuration of Network Access Devices and Troubleshooting & Reporting.


12 | How does SecurView price IDA?

There are two variables that determine the price of IDA.
• The number of “Wired” endpoints in the overall ISE Deployment
• Subscription Period (1, 2, or 3 Years)
Please contact a reseller for pricing and subscription details.

13 | How do I contact SecurView about technical support?

For technical support, please send an email to IDAsupport@SecurView.com and a team member from Securview will respond as soon as possible.


14 | Can we contact SecurView with feedback?

Yes! SecurView’s IDA team always looks forward to hearing back from customers about potential improvements. The team does its best to incorporate as much feedback as possible to enhance IDA. Feedback can be sent to IDAsupport@SecurView.com.


Technical Questions

16 | Is there any scalability or limitation issues?

No, IDA is utilized by several enterprise customers.

17 | Does this only work with Cisco devices?

Currently, IDA is only compatible with Cisco network devices.

18 | Does IDA work with the Cisco’s Nexus family of switches?

IDA is currently not supported for Cisco Nexus switches.

19 | How does IDA collect information from network devices?

Listed are the steps required by the customer to allow IDA to collect information from network devices:

SSH needs to be enabled on network access devices


Device should be added in IDA using Hostname,IP address, username, password (and enable password if configured)

20 | How do I know what devices are compatible with IDA?

The latest IDA compatibility guides for the various ISE versions can be accessed here:
Software > Compatability Guides


21) Do you have any value proposition on IDA?

• Users can save 50-70% on time for Readiness Assessment, Device Enrollment, Troubleshooting and Reporting during the rollout of ISE to their network by using IDA!
• IDA uses templates to generate Switch configurations required for ISE.
• IDA automates network device configuration.

For more information, please contact IDAsupport@SecurView.com