September 1, 2016 — SecurView, Inc. launches its Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Deployment Assistant (IDA) 2.0 version today.  IDA is a multi-tenant application that helps accelerate Cisco ISE implementations.  The application significantly reduces the manual effort required to roll out ISE because it helps automate the network readiness assessment, configuration of network access devices, and troubleshooting.

“During ISE implementations, Network Engineers are required to assess hundreds of network devices involved for compatibility against ISE and configure them for the required services,” says Yogesh Jaipurkar, Director of Software Engineering and Development at SecurView.  “With IDA, we have made it possible to automate a number of time-consuming processes.  Not only does IDA save time for IT professionals and organizations, but it also ensures a well-organized and accurate deployment.”

IDA 2.0 offers several premium features, including template based provisioning for network access control use cases, reporting, and troubleshooting day-to-day operations.

“We are pleased to launch IDA 2.0 and will look forward to our customers utilizing it with their ISE implementations,” says Niten Ved, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at SecurView.

Here are quotes from SecurView’s partners and customers:

  • “I feel it is a great tool and definitely helps streamline ISE implementations.” – Adam America, Katalyst
  • “This easy-to-use program has been an asset when it comes to deploying ISE for my customers.” – Brad Johnson, Pomeroy
  • “It has helped me win the confidence of a customer who was having issues scoping the required services for an ISE deployment.” – Sam Keiru, Account Manager, Cisco

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Screenshot of Manage Device Configuration from the ISE Deployment Assistant GUI


Screenshot of Manage Service Templates from the ISE Deployment Assistant GUI


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