SecurView Gains a New Majority Shareholder with RAG-Stiftung

Edison, NJ: RAG-Stiftung (RAG Foundation), through its investment company RAG-Stiftung Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (RSBG), is acquiring a majority of the shares in SecurView. The shares being acquired are from the company’s founders, Rajeev Khanolkar and Niten Ved, and the company’s initial investor, Cisco Systems. The shareholdings include all subsidiary companies of SecurView, Inc. As a result of the new investment partnership, SecurView’s management plans to open new business areas and markets, particularly in Europe, to build upon their successful international growth path.


“We are extremely excited to have RSBG as a shareholder and look forward to working with the RSBG team to create a global footprint in cybersecurity,” said Rajeev Khanolkar, President and Chief Executive Officer, SecurView. “SecurView has been successful with its current cybersecurity solutions in NAC (Network Access Control)/Segmentation, Datacenter, and SOC. We are planning to expand our solution offerings in the areas of Cloud, Compliance, and SDN (Software Defined Networking). This, in turn, will help our partners deepen their relationships as trusted cybersecurity advisors to their clients.”


“Cybersecurity is a very strategic area for RSBG and its portfolio companies,” said Juergen Wild, CEO of RSBG. “We see big changes happening across all industry segments as digitization has started to show a significant impact on our portfolio companies and their clients. Cybersecurity has become a key driver for executing a successful digitization program. We feel that SecurView will offer unique value to our portfolio companies by sharing its deep relationships with security technology providers and by integrating those technologies into the clients’ digital environment.”


The company will continue to be led by Rajeev Khanolkar as President and CEO of SecurView. Niten Ved will continue in his role as Chief Operating Officer.




SecurView was founded in 2007, with a strategic investment from Cisco Systems, to deliver cyber security solutions to the Information Technology (IT) market. The company’s security services focus on the following technology domains: datacenter, mobility, network identity policy, and network segmentation. The company also responds to client-specific security requirements by providing comprehensive plans to implement effective solutions. SecurView’s suite of offerings includes both products and services.


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The RAG-Stiftung is a private foundation that was established in 2007. The mission of the RAG- Stiftung is to accumulate sufficient assets by the end of 2018 to enable the permanent financing starting in 2019 of the inherited liabilities with unlimited duration related to German coal mining operations in the Ruhr and Saar region. The foundation has been making strategic investments since 2014 and has assembled an impressive list of portfolio companies.


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