Edison, NJ – SecurView has released version 2.3 of ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA), a tool to help achieve network readiness and accelerate the rollout of Cisco’s ISE (Identity Services Engine), a network administration product used for identifying and authenticating network access devices.

SecurView’s IDA enhances ISE by reducing the time and manual labor required throughout ISE operations (i.e., before, during, and after installation). IDA 2.3 provides additional support for generating configuration templates when rolling out ISE in enterprise environments. In addition, there are new enhancements for filtering and reporting options of network switches. Below is a list of key features of IDA 2.3:

  • Additional options for template configurations
  • Advanced endpoint analysis
  • Report enhancements
  • Performance improvement

“With IDA 2.3, customers get improved software performance, improved endpoint visibility, and a smoother user experience thanks to feedback provided by our customers and internal teams.  In general, IDA results in thousands of dollars in savings for a company’s internal IT team by automating tasks that would typically be completed manually,” according to Jaydeep Bhatia, Senior Director of Business Development for the Americas at SecurView.

For more information about ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA), please check the IDA FAQ, videos, and a more detailed feature list on https://www.securview.com/products/cisco-ise-deployment-assistant/

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SOURCE: SecurView, Inc.