ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA)

Accelerate Your ISE Deployment with ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA)

ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA)

Accelerate Your ISE Deployment with ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA)

What is ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA)?

What is ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA)?

SecurView’s ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) is a product designed to  provide an efficient and predictive rollout of Cisco ISE.

IDA is a multi-tenant application that helps accelerate an organization’s Cisco ISE implementation. IDA significantly reduces the manual effort required to rollout ISE primarily because it helps automate many previously labor-intensive tasks.

Our ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) reduces Cisco ISE rollout time in a wired infrastructure.  The following features include:

  • Ability to document complete history of configuration
    changes made through IDA
  • Project management tools to track ISE deployment
  • Compatible with a variety of ISE versions, as recommended by Cisco’s ISE
    compatibility matrix
  • Software Recommendations check, based on product type, and use cases
  • Exportable PDF/CSV reports
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Supports all iOS and iOS-XE switch software versions
  • Includes template parameters, based on industry best practices, for standardization and consolidation
  • Automated readiness assessment for ISE use cases
  • Generate device configuration (Wired/Wireless devices) templates for user selected use cases
  • Dynamic port filter, as per end points and interface characteristics
  • Automated configuration of push to network devices
  • Validation report as per the template configuration, network devices, & ISE session information
  • Port summary report for the complete visibility across the entire network
  • Automated configuration verification at the end of configuration push

IDA saves between 50-70 % of time on ISE Deployments

Our ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) reduces Cisco ISE rollout time in a wired infrastructure.

Our ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) reduces Cisco ISE rollout time in a wired infrastructure.

Case Studies

Find out how SecurView’s ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) accelerated the rollout of ISE and increased the access control capabilities within the network…


A production company in oil & gas had an ISE set up that was inactive and in monitoring mode for two years spanning through a network environment of 13 switches and 4413 ports.


A nonprofit medical practice and medical research group based in the US with several campuses and regional locations across the US with nearly 4,000 physicians and scientists and over 50,000 allied health staff.


A healthcare system with multiple hospital sites through VA, SC, NY & MD needed to roll out access to close to 55,000 ports.

New Features of IDA 4.0

IDA version 4.0 brings in features intended to provide enhanced usability and options for additional analysis on better control during the device config push and verification phase of the ISE rollout. IDA version 4.0 provides additional value by improving some existing features and introducing new enhancements.

Report Scheduler:

  • Users can now schedule all IDA reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Reports can also be scheduled to run once on a future date.
  • Users can configure IDA to send an email upon report completion.
  • Reports can be saved locally or remotely via FTP server.
  • Scheduler Assistant: This feature allows a user to track and manage all scheduled reports.

Multi Device Assignment and Unassignment:

  • Ability to Assign templates to multiple devices at once.
  • Saves time while staging the devices.
  • Users can easily unassign irrelevant or outdated templates from devices.
  • Advanced filter options such as location, device type, and interface description, among others, are available to filter the devices during template assignment.

Multi Device Configuration
via Parallel Push

  • Ability to push configuration templates to devices in parallel rather than in sequential order.
  • Depending on the number of threads available for each user and each IDA instance, more devices can be configured at once.
  • Thread configuration for each IDA instance can be modified with the consultation and support of a SecurView engineer.
  • Use of color-coded tags in the validation and commit sections to group devices configured as part of the same configuration push.
  • Multi-tasking for Configuration Push feature.


Enhancements in Compliance Report

  • Users can export the report from the Preview page.
  • Overall Performance of the compliance report has improved.

New Device Support:

We have added support for Cisco devices like Catalyst 9200, Catalyst 9200-L, IE2000, IE3000, IE4000, IE5000, IE4010 and Catalyst 5760 etc

Added support for new interfaces:

Five GigabitEthernet, FortyGigabitEthernet, TwentyFiveGigEthernet, TwoGigabitEthernet.

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