Our ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) reduces Cisco ISE’s design and deployment time. 

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Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a network administration product that enables security and access policies for endpoint devices connected to routers and switches. The first step for any potential ISE implementation is to determine if the current network devices are compatible with ISE.

SecurView has developed ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) to help achieve network readiness when deploying Cisco ISE services. IDA 2.3 provides additional support for generating configuration templates for rolling out ISE in enterprise environments.

IDA 2.3 Updates

The new release of IDA 2.3 brings following new features:

  • Template Archival/Rename: Templates that are no longer required may now be archived. Name corrections required if any may now be done.
  • Template assignment to trunk interfaces: Even trunks may now be assigned a config template. A warning is issued which may be overridden by the user.
  • Advanced endpoint analysis: Option to conduct a detailed analysis on the device at the time of staging. Additional information is fetched to select the interfaces with a better control. Once opted for, IDA additionally fetches following additional information for each interface –
    • Endpoint MAC addresses with respective VLAN numbers
    • CDP platform
    • LLDP system description
    • Voice VLAN
  • Advanced filter options: With advanced endpoint analysis selected, IDA now provides additional options to filter the interfaces. The options include –
    • CDP
    • LLDP
    • Endpoint MAC address (by value and OUI)
    • Number of endpoints
    • Type of endpoints
    • Voice VLAN
  • Filter result count: All filter options on IDA now show the count of records found upon the application of filter
  • Template assignment summary: The manage device configuration screen now displays a summary of templates assigned at the global/interface level. It also shows a warning if the device has any archived templates assigned to it
  • Performance improvement: The Manage device configuration and the Readiness Assessment screens now load faster
  • Report enhancements: Validation report now also displays the device IP address.

“IDA automates Readiness assessmentConfiguration of network access devices, and Troubleshooting during Cisco ISE deployments.”

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For questions or support, please contact IDASupport@securview.com.