Our OneApp platform is a cloud-based service that security professionals utilize.

Users can find a variety of tools and SaaS applications, which have been both tested by experts and utilized by thousands of users, at this one-stop-shop in the cloud.  The following is a direct link to the OneApp Platform: https://fwm.cisco.com.

Firewall Migration Tool

  • Supports Checkpoint, Juniper and old Cisco ASA to new Cisco ASA
  • Supports conversions from Cisco version 7.2x, 8.x to 9.x
  • Multiple sources files (up to 5) can be uploaded
  • Addresses issues like NAT rule conversion and optimization
  • Can handle very large rule files
  • Tested over thousands of conversions

Cisco WSA Sizing Tool

  • Provides sizing calculator for selecting appropriate WSA appliance
  • Requires information such as number of users, bandwidth, unique IP count, type of bundle
  • ProxyLogAnalyzer Tool: A standalone tool to be executed on the user’s machine to analyze the proxy access logs and determine the following
    • Peak RPS
    • HTTPS Traffic percentage
    • Unique IP Address Count
    • Average Response Size for the peak period

Cisco IPS to Cisco Sourcefire Tool

  • Provides migration of Cisco IPS4200 configuration files to SourceFire IPS
  • Consumes Cisco IPS config file, visually presenting the logical sections of the configuration
  • Presents the (near) equivalent SourceFire config next to each logical section of the Cisco IPS config
  • Identifies rules that are not fully converted for manual conversion

Cisco ESA Demo Tool

  • Able to pre-configure type of messages for demo purposes
  • Sends a sample of messages and spam messages to the IronPort ESA appliance hosted at the customer
  • Messages are updated regularly with latest threats, SPAM, etc.
  • Built-in workflow