Cisco ASA to FTD Migration Service

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Cisco ASA to FTD Migration Service

To order a Migration Service for your needs click below


Making the transition from a legacy Cisco ASA firewall to Cisco FTD is a straightforward process through Firewall Migration Services. The SecurView Professional Services team has a proven methodology that combines tools, expertise and best practices to migrate your existing environment, policies and firewall settings to the Next-Generation Firewall.

The SecurView team will assess your current firewall configuration and work with your own team to migrate the existing ASA rules and objects to Cisco’s new FTD firewalls. The new migrated configuration will be validated prior to the cutover to minimize any service disruption.

In addition, the SecurView team will use migration tools specifically developed to automate the process and accelerate the work. They will collaboratively work with you during the cutover and monitor the traffic post-cutover to ensure the new configuration meets your needs; and if required, make any necessary changes to the configuration.

Services Scope

Kick-Off Call

          • Current Firewall Information
          • Model, OS version configuration file interface details, ACL, NAT Rules, objects etc.
          • Target FW OS, Model, Interfaces
          • Network topology
          • Additional requirements

Assessment of Current Firewall Configuration

          • Review current firewall information
          • Assessment analysis
          • Review assessment with customer
          • Receive approval from customer to proceed with conversion



          • Generate new firewall FTD configuration
          • Review configuration with a customer

Testing and Validation

          • Install new configuration in the lab and test it
          • Share test plan with a customer
          • Work with customer’s firewall team to validate the results

Production Deployment

          • Arrange for a change window with the customer
          • Install new FTD and test new configuration in a production environment
          • Customer sign-off
          • 1 Day Post-Migration support

(Optional) 30 days of Managed FTD Service

          • Security Event Monitoring
          • Active Management
          • Weekly reports
          • 24×7 security monitoring of NGFW/FTD infrastructure
          • Log management
          • Advanced analytics and reporting
          • Regulatory compliance and reporting
          • Situational threat intelligence

Why use SecurView?

SecurView’s certified firewall engineers have designed, implemented, secured, operated, and migrated some of the largest firewall environments in the world for customers in banking, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare.

The right level of SecurView’s expert security services provides you with the confidence to freely engage in new business opportunities and initiatives with customers, partners, and employees. SecurView’s Firewall Migration Services delivers targeted value, including the following:

  • SecurView has developed in-house firewall migration tools, that allows for faster and more effective migration process.
  • SecurView brings experience migrating firewalls globally, which helps you reduce risk, support compliance, and make security operations more efficient.
  • A team-focused delivery approach with experienced Project Managers, Firewall Architects, and expert Firewall Engineers providing technical expertise to ensure the migrated firewalls perform as expected

Order Forms

Your Package Options

Standard Package:

  • Migration of one (1) ASA Pair to one (1) Firepower Threat Defense Pair with:
    • Up to two thousand (2000) rules/ACLs combined
    • Five (5) Site to Site VPN Tunnels
  • Provide Production Cutover Support for (1) cutover activity during a scheduled cutover window
  • Provide up to (1) day of post-cutover support
  • (Optionally) 30 days of 24×7 Managed FTD Service

Custom Package:

Provide us with your details and we will reach out to you regarding pricing your custom package needs.  You can specify:

  • Number of Rules
  • Numbers of ACLS
  • Numbers NATs
  • VPN Tunnels