Our Firewall Services offer lifecycle management for firewalls. Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto and Juniper Networks are a few of the supported vendors.

Review & Design

  • Conduct a workshop to gather the customer’s requirements.
  • Review existing network, topologies, traffic flow and internal upgrade plans.
  • Develop High Level Design (HLD) and Low Level Design (LLD) documents to address security policies and incorporate other security considerations.
  • Generate a report with design recommendations and other optimization factors.

Deploy & Implement

  • Assist the customer in planning, deploying, and configuring the Firewall solution.
  • Assist the customer with deploying the VPN client to multiple users with different forms of authentication.
  • Create a Network Implementation Plan (NIP) for the deployment for the required set of firewall devices.
  • Validate the deployment and testing application services with support from the customer.


  • Assess the network design to understand the current configuration and to create a migration strategy.
  • Develop a Security Migration Plan (SMP) which includes cut-over tasks, rollback, failure recovery, risk mitigation for each phase (where applicable),anda test plan.
  • Provide post-migration support and technical training (remote/onsite) for any outstanding differences in technology.


  • Assess the customer’snetwork design in regards to security best practices and threats.
  • Review business and IT goals that are specific to the customer’s security policies and with the industry’s regulatory mandatesin order to develop an ‘Optimization Plan’.
  • Conduct a periodic auditof the configuration on a monthly/quarterly basis for all devices (within the scope).