Cisco ISE

Our Integration Service for Cisco ISE typically handles customer environments that are larger than 25,000 endpoints.


  • Conduct a workshop to gather the customer’s requirements
  • Review the network architecture, hardware, and other modules in scope
  • Develop a gap assessment report with recommendations and optional remediation services


  • Use the obtained detailed requirements to create a High Level Design (HLD).
  • Develop an HLD document with customer stated requirements, logical data, traffic flows, deployment considerations, recommendations, and modified diagrams.


  • Assist setting up and configuring lab devices with onsite engineering for Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Develop the test plan and acceptance criteria
  • Conduct knowledge transfer sessions during the lab setup and test plan execution
  • Implement POC, which will be complete when all tests in the test plan have passed and acceptance criteria is met


  • Review the customer’s business goals and requirements
  • Review the current security policy for access and authorization to network resources
  • Map the corporate policy to ISE group policies
  • Offer recommendations and implement them


  • Assist customer in planning, deploying, and configuring the ISE solution
  • Assist customer in deploying the required agent software to end users and associated validation
  • Deploy ISE for remote access, wireless, wired, and VPN users
  • Use the corresponding ISE feature set and customer mechanisms to monitor, provision, and create a report


ISE Deployment Assisant (IDA)

SecurView has developed ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) to help achieve network readiness when deploying Cisco ISE services. IDA 3.0 provides additional support for generating configuration templates for rolling out ISE in enterprise environments.


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