SecurView's Software Defined Access (SD-Access) Services


Cisco® Software-Defined Access (SD-Access), built on Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™), provides a transformational shift in building and managing networks. SecurView Services help unlock the full potential of Cisco SD-Access to improve business efficiency and accelerate the launch of business services.

SecurView Services for Cisco SD-Access includes full lifecycle of services including proof of concept, advisory and architecture, implementation, training, optimization and managed services.

Advisory and Architecture Services

SecurView Software Defined Access (SD-Access) Services include Advisory and Architecture Services to help you define technology goals and create an architectural vision by:

  • Defining short and long-term technology goals
  • Defining security requirements and  network segmentation strategy
  • Designing a network that grows to meet your evolving needs
  • Defining an implementation roadmap

Proof of Concept Services


Proof of Concept Services

SecurView’s Software Defined Access (SD-Access) Services for Proof of Concept Services helps explore capabilities of Cisco SD-Access through:

  • Reviewing customer objectives and defining use cases
  • Designing and deploying a representative underlay network in a non-production environment
  • Implementing SD-Access and demonstrating agreed upon use cases for:
    • Automation
    • Macro and Micro Network Segmentation
    • Host On-boarding
    • User Mobility

Implementation Services


Implementation Services

We offer Implementation Services to help you implement a secure, reliable and efficient network infrastructure such as:

  • Greenfield implementation or migration from the existing legacy network
  • Design and implement underlay and overlay networks
  • Implement DNA Center and other critical components
  • Define and implement security policies
  • Create run books and document operational procedures

Optimization Services

Optimization Services

Software Defined Access (SD-Access) Services for Optimization Services ensures optimal performance as the network grows by:

  • Health and performance assessment
  • Review of operational procedures
  • Recommending specific ‘next steps’
  • Assisting with implementation of recommendations

Training Services

Training Services

SecurView’s Software Defined Access (SD-Access) Services has Training Services to enable your team to run and operate SD-Access by:

  • Hands-on training through the limited deployment of SD-Access in your test environment

Managed Services

Managed Services

Software Defined Access (SD-Access) Services for Managed Services help you accelerate the adoption of SD-Access through:

  • Proactive monitoring and management of your SD-Access environment
  • On-going optimization to assure peak performance
  • Lower cost of operations

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